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When we began to seal up our homes in the 1970’s to conserve energy, we also sealed in the mold and the mycotoxins that mold produces, essentially creating an environment that was out of balance. Mold exists everywhere; mold spores organically exist in the air that we breathe. When mold finds a moist environment and an organic surface on which to live, it settles in to grow and reproduce, sending spores into the air protected by a ring of mycotoxins.

Since then, we have seen an increase in auto-immune diseases, a skyrocketing of the occurrence of asthma, one out of seven Americans who are battling chronic sinusitis and ever-increasing numbers of people suffering from Alzheimer’s - so much so that it has become a common disease that affects people around the world.

We call this phenomenon Systemic Bio-toxin Disorder (SBD). Approximately 20% of the population has a T-cell (immune white blood cell) receptor defect that causes an abnormal immune reaction - a genetic predisposition to inflammation and consequent illness when we come in contact with particular markers. Those of us who are susceptible to these triggers and live in an environment that has not had mold and mildew removal - that is contaminated with bio-toxins - can become inflamed, making us vulnerable to such disorders as:

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